Organic Blueberry - Best Beard Cream

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Organic Blueberry Best Beard Cream Beard Softener


An alternative presentation of our classic Beard Cream, one of our best selling products, and a one-of-a-kind combination of use and attitude - our Blueberry Best Beard Cream is many things at once, but boring is not one of them.


This is the second product we ever launched as part of our Best Beard line, and it's a source of pride for our team. All the beard softening benefits and nourishing natural compounds of our Original cream are present, but with the extra sweet and fresh twist of blueberry. Perfect for the beard lover who likes uniqueness or simply needs help de-stressing, this cream comes in a standard 2-oz tin as well as a "travel size" of 0.5 oz.


What's In This Custom Beard Softening Formula?


Blueberry Best Beard Cream is made from a combination of organic vegetable oils, designed specifically to provide the best balance between cleanliness and moisture.


The main active ingredients are Shea butter, argan oil, and mango oil. These are all plant-based natural oils, highly prized because they are packed with vitamins E and A. Their benefits are then rounded up with some coconut oil - nature's great softener, which is also mildly antibacterial and antifungal - and organic raw beeswax - which helps provide texture and body without that greasy, rancid feeling of artificial glycerin. As a result, our cream won't clog your pores, is gentle enough even for people with scaly or acne-prone skin, and will keep your beard thick and supple.


How Should I Use Best Beard Blueberry Cream Beard Softener?


For best results, use this product immediately after cleaning your beard with our Foaming Conditioning Cleanser. Right after your morning shower simply pat yourself dry, and apply a small amount of cream directly to your beard, spreading it thoroughly. Usually, a dime-sized amount will do - but Legendary-level beards may want to double that. As you spread it, make sure enough of it reaches the skin underneath and take advantage of the opportunity to style a bit and contemplate your beard's glory.

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  • 5
    Not just for the beard

    Posted by Mayra on Jul 18th 2017

    Absolutely great product and it smells awesome!!! I use it in my hair and it leaves it soft and shiny. I would recommend this to the ladies.

  • 5
    Smells Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 16th 2017

    Brought this for my boyfriend and he loves it. Smells amazing nice shine and condition. Just got him the original to see which one he likes best. Definitely a great product!!

  • 5

    Posted by Rena Maske on Jun 29th 2017

    Great! This was a FATHERS DAY gift and my sons father loves it!

  • 5

    Posted by Shannon on May 1st 2017

    I purchased this for my man and instantly fell in love!! As soon as he put it on he got results!! When he came to kiss me!! All I could say was mmmm because it smelled sooo good.

  • 4
    Got me smelling like pie

    Posted by T Gibba on Mar 6th 2017

    So I tried this Blueberry and fell in love. Such a sweet scent. But the most important thing about this beard cream is I don't need a ton. A nice penny sized dab gets me through the day. I really find that amazing considering I work in a dust dry invironment.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 5th 2017

    This product is straight to the does what its supposed to do

  • 5
    Good product

    Posted by on Mar 2nd 2017

    Keeps my beard healthy and moisturized

  • 5
    Blueberry Beard Cream

    Posted by Reno aka Manbark on Jan 22nd 2017

    Whipped up nicely, easy to emulsify and migrates well throughout the beard. The blueberry scent is unique and pleasant. Great performing product! Thank you for the quick processing, shipping and quality beard cream, Manbark.

  • 5
    Def the best

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 14th 2017

    This stuff here is the ultimate beard care! And it smells sooooooooo good!!! If you aren't a customer your loosing and missing out!