16 Grooming Tips To Grow The Perfect Beard

16 Grooming Tips To Grow The Perfect Beard

Posted by Best Beards on Sep 30th 2019

(Medium-length 7-minute read)

Whether you're a first-time beard-grower, or a little bit more experienced, there will always be ways in which you can improve your grooming regimen.

Even as "The Beard" of Best Beards, I am still learning. Not long ago, I was shampooing my beard using Head and Shoulders. I hope you don't need me to tell you that doing this is a huge mistake!

My aim all along has been to help you guys grow the BEST BEARD you possibly can. With that in mind, I'm writing this blog post to be the most extensive list of beard grooming tips that you will ever read – or need to read!

#1 - Have Patience

A week isn't long enough. A month isn't either really. My recommendation is to let your facial hair grow for at least a couple of months. Only then will you have a good idea of whether a beard suits you or not.

#2 - Use Beard Cream

Our All Natural Best Beard Cream is vital to the life of your beard.

Why? It keeps the skin underneath your beard moisturized and your hair looking soft and healthy. Who doesn't want that?

#3 - Experiment with different beard styles

When mentioning anything to do with facial fuzz, the picture that forms in most people's heads is one of a guy with the most epic beard imaginable. Think of our very own Philadelphia Freeway.

Expectations do not always align with reality; however, and problems occur when people feel bad that they're unable to grow a beard of a similar length.

I can understand their disappointment, but just because you can't grow a full beard, it doesn't mean that you can't try a different style instead.

#4 - Shape the perfect beard neckline

No matter how good your beard looks, if you neglect your neckline, you're going to look silly.

Don't trim your neckline too high, as this can make it look like you have a double chin. Not good at all!

You should instead aim to achieve a natural curve, rather than one that is overly groomed.

#5 - Trim your mustache

Mustache trimming could be a controversial topic for some as many guys out there like having an epic upper-lip.

But I like to keep my mustache neatly trimmed. All that happens when it's longer is that you start to chew it when eating food. Not a pleasurable experience for me at all!

Our All Natural Best Beard Cream can help with this, also using a trimmer or scissors once per week is a secure method of keeping your mustache in check.

#6 - Avoid quick fixes

I get it. When you're desperate to grow a great beard, you're willing almost to do anything to achieve it. When a multitude of products and advertisements promise the world, it can be tempting to go for the quick fix.

But is it worth going through lots of different products when the results are indifferent at best? The short answer is no. Go with our Best Beards products that I can personally guarantee are tried and true.

Work with what you've got and more importantly be proud of what you've got.

#7 - Master the art of trimming your beard

For a lot of people, trimming is one of the scariest things about growing a beard.

Accidentally cutting your beard too short and having to start all over again can be extremely frustrating.

I've been there – and it's not nice. But instead of a negative, I would urge you to try and look at it as a learning experience instead.

I would personally recommend that you use scissors to trim if you have a longer beard. Scissors will give you more control, which means that you're less likely to make a drastic mistake.

#8 - Leave it to the experts

If trimming isn't your forte, or you don't trust yourself with the responsibility, then don't worry, there is an alternative.

Your local barbershop, of course! They are the experts.

But before you get going, ensure you choose the right one by asking for recommendations from friends. If they also have a great beard, even better!

Once you're there, be clear about what you want and ask for tips on how to maintain your beard going forward.

#9 - Don't dye your beard

The time comes for us all when one day every man will spot the first grey hair in his beard.

With social media and more pressure to look younger, your first reaction might be to dye your beard.

My advice? Don't do it! In my opinion, having flecks of grey or even ginger hairs in your beard adds character and ultimately looks more natural.

You can spot a dyed beard from a mile off. It doesn't look right and draws attention to the fact that you're trying to look younger. Just remember, beards don't have to be aging!

#10 - Deal with beard dandruff early on

You're growing out your beard, and everything is going great until you start noticing flakes of skin on your t-shirt. You presume that the dandruff is coming from your head, but in fact, it only appears after you have been brushing your beard in the morning.

But don't worry, beard dandruff is a common concern. There's a good reason for that! It looks unsightly which can hurt your confidence, especially in the early, awkward stage of growing a beard.

Leaving it be and hoping the problem goes away is a terrible mistake.

Instead, you need to deal with it early on. Using Best Beards All Natural Beard Cream, along with daily combing, can get rid of the issue quickly when your beard is at its shortest length.

However, as your beard gets longer, it will become harder to get rid of dandruff, as the hair gets thicker on your chin.

So my advice is simple. As soon as you notice dandruff, take immediate action to get rid of it.

#11 - Avoid hot showers

Picture this: You wake up on a freezing morning, jump in the shower, and feel the wonder of steaming-hot water hitting your body.

You're probably thinking, what's wrong with this? Unfortunately, as amazing as a hot shower feels, it is terrible for your beard.

The extreme heat can damage your hair, making it weaker and more prone to falling out.

That's not all. You'll also start to experience issues with the skin under your beard. The heat will cause soreness and redness which if you've ever experienced it, you will know how painful and annoying this can be.

But don't worry, there's no need to have cold showers instead. My advice would be to splash your face and beard with cold water before getting in and then turning down the heat to a lukewarm temperature.

#12 - Remember to wash your beard

No doubt, washing your beard should be a crucial part of your grooming regimen.

But how often should you do it? Everyday? Twice a day? Three times a week?

In some ways, it is hard to say. Everyone's hair is different and requires custom levels of care.

From my personal experience, I know washing daily is right for my beard. With our Best Beards Foaming Conditioning Cleanser, I can prevent stripping the natural oils from the skin underneath, which would leave it sore and extremely dry. Precisely what you don't want!

#13 - If possible, only towel dry

Many people use hair dryers each morning. I can understand this in a way, as it is a quick way to dry your beard when you're in a rush to get out of the door.

But my advice would be to avoid doing this. Similar to taking hot showers, the heat from a hairdryer can also damage your beard hair and the skin underneath.

Instead, pat your beard carefully with one of our custom towels, which will take away the excess water. A little bit of moisture left over will make it easier for you to apply our All Natural Best Beard Cream and then comb through it.

#14 - Start combing your beard

When I was a younger man, I hated being told to brush my hair. So much so, I would grab the clippers and buzz cut all over.

But with my beard, I needed very little convincing to comb it regularly. The positives were evident from the start. Not only did it help me to neaten it up, but also the All Natural Best Beard Cream I was applying was now coating all of my hair rather than just some of it.

But most importantly, the skin underneath was now moisturized, rather than red, raw, sore, and itchy as the oil could reach it. Invest in a Best Beards grooming comb - you won't regret it!

#15 - Ignore the haters

I love having a beard. That's why I love creating products for men like me!

But not everyone agrees. You may be surprised to know that other people don't love beards as much as we do.

When haters start throwing around insults, it can be very annoying and sometimes quite upsetting.

Hearing this daily could make you consider shaving to get these people off your back!

But why should they win? If you're happy with your look, keep it.

#16 - Look after your skin

The skin underneath your beard needs to be looked after properly. If you don't look after it, you're only going to regret it.

From dry and flaky skin to extreme itchiness, without proper care, you're going to have a hellish time growing a beard. You may even think about shaving it off.

So, what can you do about it? The key to this is merely applying our All-Natural Best Beard Cream daily and combing it in with our exotic hardwood comb. Simple – but extremely useful.