Beard Growth: 8 Tips to Optimize Beard Health | Best Beards

Beard Growth: 8 Tips to Optimize Beard Health | Best Beards

Aug 12th 2016

Summer is in full swing and for those of us who are already rocking big, full, healthy beards, maintenance and protection from the harsh sun is the name of the game.

But not all of us are at that point in our beard journey. So here at Best Beards, we've compiled a list of the best beard growth and optimization tips we could find. 

Let this serve as a friendly reminder for the initiated, and a guide for the uninitiated among us. 

Best bearding!

1) Optimize Your Health First and Foremost

Our best beard care products nourish and condition your beard from the outside-in with the highest quality, organic fats and proteins like shae butter, mango butter, coconut oil, and raw beeswax.

However, the nutrients that are helping to grow your beard from the inside-out are also important.

Back in the caveman days, a strong beard was a sign of a man with nutritional proficiency who was conquering and dominating his environment. Today, it still rings true.

Optimize your intake of high quality fatty acids and proteins and don't forget to exercise. Your beard will show great results for it.

2) Patience is a Virtue

Just like a plant, a beard takes times to sprout and grow. For the best growth possible, you should try to avoid trimming or styling (or pretty much doing anything aside from keeping it combed) for about four to six weeks. 

This allows for a much more even growth. Think of it as a nice lawn that you're growing for the first time. 

You need to let the grass grow plentifully before you cut it down.

3) Trimming needs to be Well-Timed

In the art of beard grooming, trimming your whiskers needs to be something that's done at the right time. Keeping a beard tame through trimming is important and that means that it's alright to spend a little extra cash on a fancy trimmer to keep your beard in good shape. 

Trimming should be done as soon as you see your beard start to split off a bit with rogue, thin hairs. 

Remember, you're trimming for maintenance, not to remove length. Every beard is different, but we recommend twice a month during a grow.

4) Train Your Beard

Training your beard is a lot like taming a wild animal. It requires the right tools (a comb or a beard brush) and a dedication that few men have. 

Training the beard to grow along the grain in the right direction requires a regiment of rubbing it down each day to ensure that the follicles keep facing in the right direction. 

Make combing out your beard and styling it with a premium best cream a daily habit.

5) So Fresh and So Clean

Taking care of a beard requires regular cleaning. Like any part of your body, your beard will get dirty, and maintaining beard hygiene is crucial to having a healthy beard that others admire. 

Cleaning is especially necessary in the early days of growth, where shed skin cells and food particles may become trapped in the undergrowth and lead to a very dirty beard. 

We recommend our best beard conditioner to combat beard filth and leave your beard feeling lush and soft.

6) Mustaches need Love Too

Growing a beard without a mustache is certainly a fine choice, but guys with beard-and-mustache combos need to devote some time to ensuring the mustache part of the duo is also well groomed. 

A good trimming ensures that the philtrum (area between the nose and upper lip) is properly groomed and presentable.

7) Protect Your Beard From The Sun

Protecting your beard from the sun is something that beard growers often overlook. 

Have you ever heard that friend who got too close to the bonfire and singed is eyebrows off? In direct sunlight and heat, that same process is effecting your beard. 

To avoid keeping your beard from drying up and drying out, applying best beard cream to your beard is highly recommended. 

Many oils and butters such as mango butter and coconut oil have a natural SPF that will protect your beard from the sun while keeping it lubricated. 

Our Best Beard Cream, containing shae butter, mango butter and coconut oil, has been specially formulated with this natural SPF in mind. 

Along with the application of a good beard oil, make sure to drink lots of water!

8) Your Beard Product Defines Your Look

The thing that sets a lot of beards apart is the beard product that goes into helping that beard grow. Best Beard cream is a concoction devised by the most dedicated of minds fusing the best stuff in a beard cream while leaving out the stuff no one wants. 

The result is a beard product that is formulated from all organic products, naturally blended to bring out textures and scents, while at the same time going on easily, leaving out all the greasy stuff. 

If that's what you're looking for in a beard product, check us out today and experience for yourself the sheer quality that goes into Best Beard Cream. Yes, we did say it's the best. And we mean it.