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Beard Grooming Products in Coatesville, PA

In early 2014, bold-bearded, international recording artist Philadelphia Freeway got into a discussion with two other bearded entrepreneurs, Gary Parker, and Jason Hertzog. Best Beards, LLC launched shortly thereafter offering beard grooming products in Coatesville, PA.

For more than a decade, Freeway had been maintaining his healthy-beard lifestyle while simultaneously creating and helping to define East Coast hip-hop. Both his music and his beard played a key role in building his brand and serving as the inspiration in creating the Best Beard product line

Gary and Jason had also been part of the music and entertainment industry while simultaneously toiling in other areas. Passion, creativity, and a finely tuned attention-to-detail led them to develop a growing suite of beard-care products that are truly different from much of the chemically-filled facial slop found elsewhere in the market.

Best Beard was never intended to be a lifestyle brand and remains true to those roots. It’s not about the clothing. It’s not about the accessories. It’s not about a particular type of music, food or beverage.
It’s just about the beard. 
After all, not everyone can grow a beard. For those who can, Best Beard is committed to creating products that anyone would feel comfortable labeling as BEST.
Opportunities to Partner
We welcome distribution and wholesale partners to join us. We're building our business based on good terms and professional support. 

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